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MCBP Press Conference - April 7th, 2019

Corporate Live Event

Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant 2019 - Press Conference

April 7th marked the launch of Season 2019 of Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant.
The Press Conference was held at Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel in Flushing, NY.
The guests and media gathered to officially open registration for this year's edition of the competition.

Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant was founded in 2002, and is one of the largest, most influential beauty pageants on the East Coast of the United States. Originally the organization only accepted applicants from New York and the Tri-state area. Its rapid success attracted candidates from the northeast, south, and west coast. Due to its increasing popularity, the pageant began to accept applicants from throughout the United States. Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant’s goal is to promote Chinese synergy and give back to the community. The organization encourages cultural awareness through self-expression and competition. Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant stresses the importance for young Chinese Americans to understand and appreciate their heritage. The winner represents Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant in the Miss Chinese International Pageant, which is hosted and aired by Hong Kong TVB.

Digital Art Video has been producing Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant for the past 18 years and we are happy to be part of the pageant family!

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The Press Conference celebrated the title winner of 2018 - Gina Wu - and her success at Miss Chinese International Pageant 2019 in Hong Kong. Gina took home the Second Runner-up title, making her participation the fifth consecutive title win for the US pageant in Miss Chinese International. Gina and the pPageant Committee received commendations from government officials Peter Koo and Felix W. Ortiz.

Photos by Andy Yuen and David Xie

Digital Art Video produced the Press Conference, proving the crew and equipment for the live event. We designed the setup, staging, lighting and backdrop, creating a PreViz of the whole setup that allows for maximum efficacy on the day of the event. Our video team captured the event and live-streamed on YouTube.

You can watch the whole event at the link below.

Miss Chinese Pageant 2018 - Press Conference

Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant 2019 I Press Conference I Stage Layout 3D Rendering

Surprise Birthday Celebration for Producer / Director Kim E. Wang

Before the event, the Pageant Family and the Digital Art Video team had a little side celebration of our own. The staff, and most specifically Event Supervisor Teresa Li, organized an impromptu celebration for our CEO and long time Producer / Director of Miss Chinese - Kim E. Wang. Kim was taken by surprise when he entered the room to the sound of everyone singing “Happy Birthday” and was presented with a delicious cake. The Co-Founder and COO of Miss Chinese - Eric Yuen - joined the festivities, along with the production team.

Happy Birthday, Kim!! There is always time for cake :)

Photos by Andy Yuen who captured the moment