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Chocolate Road - Filming in Peru - July, 2017

Documentary Feature Film - currently in post-production

"Chocolate Road"

In the summer of 2017 we embarked on an exciting journey that took us to the depths of the Amazonian jungle in Peru and led us down the path of cacao and chocolate production. We started principal photography in July and traveled with chocolatier Susumu Koyama to document his visit to Peruvian cacao plantations and cooperatives. We explored the cacao production through his eyes and learned first-hand of the great amount of hard work it takes to create one of our favorite desserts - chocolate. 

“Chocolate Road” follows three renowned chocolatiers - Susumu Koyama (es koyama, Japan), Maribel Lieberman (MarieBelle New York, USA), and Mikkel Friis-Holm (Friis-Holm Chokolade, Denmark), as they each create a new fine chocolate product. Their road is long and winding - starting from the seeds, following the growth of the trees, the harvest, the fermentation, the selection process, the drying, the roasting, the winnowing and mixing… all the way to the final chocolate that hits the tongue and all of the senses.

The film is a US-Japan coproduction between Communication Energy NY, Omnimosouq and Digital Art Video Inc. The team is lead by producer and creator Takayuki Yasuda, co-producer and cinematogapher Kim E. Wang and director Tanya Chuturkova. "Chocolate Road" is currently in post-production, to be released at the end of 2019.

On their quest for finding the best cacao for their new products, three renowned chocolatiers lead us across the globe on a journey of creation of some of the most exquisite fine chocolate pieces. With the looming “cacao shortage crisis” around the corner, each of them finds how taking even small steps towards change can highly impact the chocolate industry and therefore the lives of everyone involved in the chocolate production chain.

Tanya Chuturkova

Chocolate Road - Sizzle Reel (Peru)

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